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The Flickering Candle at the Vet's Office

Moose has a double ear infection, a UTI and a hematoma in one of his ears. We've been battling the ear infections for about two years now, but the UTI and hematoma are new. Once again, I loaded all 150 pounds of him into my Jeep and headed to the vet's office.

Taking Moose to the vet is always an experience. The examination room must take an hour to clean when we are gone. He tends to drool more when he's nervous (and who isn't nervous at the vet?), so one shake of the head can have drool dripping from the ceiling. If you've ever seen the movie Beethoven about the Saint Bernard, it's just like that. (My favorite line from the movie - "All you do is drool and shed and eat!" but I digress.)

They took him to the back to put the antibiotics into his ears and try to drain the hematoma. A few minutes later, he came bouncing back into the room with a grin on his face, and the technicians followed, covered in dog hair and drool, but smiling and telling me that it went very well. (They are just too nice!) Of course, they couldn't get the hematoma drained because he didn't want them touching it, and when the dog outsizes the technician, he always wins.

As we walked out of the exam room, I noticed it immediately. The single, simple candle flame flickering. I dread seeing the candle lit. It symbolizes that someone is in the back, saying goodbye to their best friend for the very last time. That candle always brings a tear to my eye, and as I silently cried, I sent good thoughts to the beloved pet crossing the rainbow bridge, and the family who loved him.

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