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Happy Labor Day!

It was hot in Venice this weekend. Staying hydrated was a battle and trying to keep the candles from melting was a nightmare. But we had SO MUCH FUN! I've missed doing shows over the last few months. I love talking with everyone. I love that you share stories of your own Saint Bernards, or your neighbor's Saint, or the one that used to knock you over as a little kid. I love that you proudly whip your phones out to show me photos of your dogs, and tell me all of their kooky habits. And I love when they are with you and decide that our tent is the place to be, lying down and sometimes refusing to get back up. I love that we meet at least one woman named Marsha at every event. And I love when you stop in to tell me how much you loved the products you have purchased in the past. (And I'm getting on that Beach Booty candle, by the way!) We are proud to be your local candle supplier, and we thank you all for the sense of community you give.

Little Ms. Maisel sporting the baseball cap purchased from a vendor at the show.

I hope everyone, near and far, had a wonderful Labor Day. Whether you order online or I see you in person, you are appreciated. Thank you! Our net show is in Sarasota October 1-2. See you then!

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