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Happy 2023! New Year and New Products!

I know I'm a week late in offering health and happiness for the new year, but we just had a house full and I was focused on family and friends - the absolutely best way for new beginnings. We have a lot planned for this year. Moose and Marsha will be expanding into other crafts in addition to our candles, and my brain has been working overtime in figuring out where to begin. I started with these absolutely adorable little wooden beach houses!

The first of the new crafts will be offered at the Downtown Venice Craft Festival the last weekend of January, and we will expand for each new show. I will get these online once I have enough made. I am still experimenting with colors and fonts, and having so much fun doing it!

I am also in the process of testing the wooden bowls with our year round scents. I will be offering Beach Bungalow, Surf's Up, Coastal Blossoms and Spa Day in addition to Basil, Sage and Mint.

We hope that you all had a fantastic holiday season! Let's make 2023 be the best year ever!

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