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Dough Bowl Scented Candles

Dough Bowl Scented Candles


Introducing our Dough Bowl Scented Candles, a must-have addition to your home decor! Our handmade wooden dough bowls are carved by hand with dimensions of approximately 9" x 5" (sizes may vary slightly). With three wicks and 13 ounces of wax, the candles offer a stunning and long-lasting burn time while filling your room with delicious scents. Once the candle has burned down, you can reuse the bowl for your own creative purposes. These candles are the perfect gift for anyone who loves unique and high-quality home decor.

* Dough bowls are made of wood (mostly Spanish Oak), and each one has been treated with a non-toxic flame retardant (alkaline salts.) Please follow burning instructions carefully and, as any candle, never leave unattended when burning. Burn on a tray or surface to protect furniture in case of a wax spill.


Please read our tips for a longer lasting candle and safety information here

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