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We're all dashing to the finish line

I have never kept up with the Kardashians and couldn't really tell you who is who in the family. I only saw their show one time, and that was because I was very sick and struggled to reach the remote control to change the channel. I never understood the hype of this family but apparently others are hooked. And that's okay.

Kim's comments that women in business should "get off their a$$ and work" and her whining that "no one wants to work anymore" have struck a chord in me and I feel the need to respond, both as someone who has worked the 9-5 job and as an entrepreneur.

First off, I am surrounded by people who are working their backsides off. One thing we do in America is work, and we work hard. My very first job was in fast food, and almost 40 years later I still have the battle scars. Can we stop acting as if fast food workers have a menial job, please? These people work hard for the little money they earn, and on top of that, they take constant abuse from customers. It's shocking what people feel they have the right to say to a 16 year old child trying to put a few dollars in her pocket. Adults in the industry take so much more abuse, on top of constantly being referred to as lazy and having no drive. Pump the brakes, people, and be a little kinder.

I am currently working on building a brand. I truly appreciate my customers, who have such wonderful words of encouragement. I appreciate the feedback on everything from my products to my logo to my packaging. I look for constructive criticism, and how to improve. I do get the occasional "oh, look how cute! You do arts and crafts!" when people hear what I do, without knowing my product or my company. That doesn’t define myself nor the quality of my business.

Success takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of time. It's a lot easier, though, for someone with millions in the bank, a recognized name, and 100 feet from the finish line to find success. I'm starting out unknown, with a strict budget and not being able to see the finish line yet. Last year, there were over a million additional small business applications than normal. People are breaking away from being an employee and working on finding their own niche. Statistics tell us that within five years, half of these businesses will be shut down. I applaud everyone trying to find their corner of the world, because most of us have a lot more to lose than someone who came from a rich family. Let's give the support and encouragement they need to find success, rather than tearing them down because they aren't there yet.

And for all of the women out there, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working a blue collar job, or a top executive, you all matter and you all work hard. Let's work on helping each other to keep our crowns straight rather than knocking them off each other's heads.

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