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Living the Pop Up Life

The best part about my job is working the vendor events and meeting talented people from all over. Last weekend we did an event about an hour South from where we live. We ran into vendors we have not seen since Christmas! One by one they'd pop their heads in and say hello. I love that we set up next to strangers and leave as friends. I love that people remember us months later after only spending a few hours next to them in a booth. Some shows limit the number of certain crafts while others will take anyone that applies. There are times we are selling at an event with 30 other people, and four of them might be in the wax business - candles and/or melts. I always introduce myself to these vendors. I believe that candles are a big enough business for everyone to do well, and I am secure enough in my own product to not be afraid of others. Reception is all over the board, but once the ice is broken, we generally can have wonderful conversations and help each other out a bit.

My favorite part is looking at the decoration and presentation of each booth. Crafters and artists take great pains for the proper presentation. My tent started with blank walls and one table with a simple shelf to three tables, various shelving units, two hanging signs, a sidewalk sign, and even curtains! We've seen people go as far as laying a rug down!

When you visit an art/craft show, you are supporting talented people who created a small business and work hard to bring their product to you. We have come across some of the most fabulous and creative people! Crafters and artists love to talk about how their product is made and what goes into it, so feel free to ask questions. And know that you are speaking directly to the "CEO" of the company, out there to give you an extraordinary customer service experience.

Thank you all for shopping small!

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