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Introducing Jay

Starting a small business is never as easy task, and doing so in the middle of a supply chain crisis makes it even harder. I have spent a lot of time looking for suppliers with reasonable costs and shipping fees but quality products that are actually in stock. The rest of my time is spent creating quality candles, finding scent combinations that are unique but smell great, the perfect wick for a smooth, even burn, and testing for safety. Social media posting is important, but also almost an afterthought for me.

I've talked to many candle makers out there, and realized how lucky I am to have a supportive, involved husband to take on the challenges with me. He listens to my ideas, gives honest feedback, and is right there by my side for whatever I may need. Jay has not missed a craft show, giving up his Saturday mornings (and sometimes Sundays, too) to set up the tent, tables and candles. When I suggested a checkout booth might be nice, he built one for me. He spends his evenings putting together our free sample bags. All of this on top of his full time job and volunteering for Florida State Parks as a Beach Ambassador for Stump Pass State Park Beach.

When I mentioned that I was struggling for social media posts, Jay immediately asked for my log in for Instagram. And all of a sudden, I began getting alerts from Instagram and Facebook.

Jay has been regularly posting to Instagram (which automatically posts to Facebook). He's creative and funny, and is definitely worth the follow!

If you've noticed our social media is finally active, Jay is the reason why. If you aren't following us, please do - @mooseandmarsha on Facebook or Instagram - and keep up to date on our shows, new products, and living in SW Florida!

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