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Gasparilla Island Lighthouse

Jay and I went exploring down in Boca Grande last weekend. We had a lot of fun visiting the parks and beaches and when we came upon the lighthouse, Jay knew he had to climb to the top. He was almost jumping with excitement.

I am scared to death of heights. I've tried the whole lighthouse thing plenty of times in the past, and I can make it as far as the very first window, but then become petrified. I can't move up and I can't move down. Down is probably worse because you just look straight through the stairs to the bottom.

I'm not one to drag Jay down (in this case, literally) so I told him to go inside and I'll take a photo of his at the top. He really liked that idea. I poked around with my two feet firmly on the ground and waited as he climbed the 72 scary metal open staircase.

And eventually I saw him pop over to the side and spread his arms. He's ready for his photo! Jay got some awesome pics from up there, but unfortunately, I forgot to get them from him prior to starting this post. Perhaps I'll update.

To learn more about the Gasparilla Island Lighthouse and other state parks, visit

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