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Dough Bowl Candles' Debut

We introduced our brand new dough bowl candles a few weeks ago, and was shocked at the response to them! We only have a few left from the first batch, and I have more dough bowls on the way. The next set will include our Christmas scents and should be available the first week or two of November. The dough bowls are all handmade (not by me - I have a crafter for them) and sprayed with a non-toxic fire retardant (Alkaline salts) before being filled with wax. These candles hold approximately 1 full pound of wax and contain three wicks. As each bowl is made by hand, they have small differences in the size and shape. The approximate size is 6" x 10" x 2", though they will vary slightly.

We used these during the power outage after the hurricane, and they lasted about 24 - 27 hours of burn time. Once the candle is finished, just scoop out any remaining wax, wipe clean with a paper towel, and just tug out the wick holders. You now have a wonderful hand made wooden bowl for decorative purposes. Be sure to follow the burning directions that we give with each candle to get the most out of your dough bowls. Keep your wick trimmed, never leave unattended, and keep out of drafts and reach of children or pets. Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time.

These candles make wonderful centerpieces on your holiday table, and are fabulous gifts. If you'd like to pre-order, just email me at and just let me know which of our scents you would like. (Please note - during the holidays I cannot guarantee to have any particular fragrance in stock for special orders.) Christmas choices are Evergreen, Christmas Evening, and Old Time Christmas.

Email your special orders by November 5, as I will be using all of the bowls on hand to bring to our Thanksgiving Weekend show in Punta Gorda!

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