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Candles, COVID and my Cottage near the Cove

Hello, everyone! I've truly missed you all while we were busy moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Of course, with all things COVID nowadays, we struggled with every part from finding a rental to finding a home, and then furnishing that home. We are almost all set, minus two oversized chairs I dream about every night, but the warehouse is closed from a COVID outbreak and my delivery date is still marked as "unknown." Our home is downsized from what we had in Pennsylvania, and though we did sell a lot of personal belongings before moving, once our POD was delivered we realized we still kept more than we need. In the meantime, I am all set up to begin selling in Florida and our relaunch will be October 15th. I have been reading and getting new ideas during my downtime. I am introducing wickless candles this year in place of our 3 oz tins. Wickless candles are similar to giant wax melts, but are in containers with no mess! These are great for offices or dorm rooms, or anywhere an open flame is not ideal. The wickless candles are going to be made to order, so shipping time will be just slightly longer, but you will have your choice of scent. We also are doing made to order wax melts and paw prints.

Unfortunately, the 7 ounce jars I fell in love with last year have been out of stock for the last few months. I held off as long as I could, but decided to purchase new jars. These are slightly bigger than the old ones - shorter but wider - but I think they will work out really well. Good news for you - they hold 20% more wax, so you will be getting a bigger candle! Any change in candle making requires extensive testing to be sure you will receive a safe, quality candle. I will not rush the process, so these may not be available for our October 15th Relaunch. I will add each scent back as I become satisfied with the candle's performance. We also added a fun new product - room sprays! We decided to create a couple of custom, tropical scents to our room spray line. Check out Mermaid's Garden and Tropical Paradise - a magical piece of heaven in a bottle.

And, of course, being near the beach means we will begin adding more tropical scents to our line. We changed the name of "Sand and Sea" to "Beach Bungalow" (still in testing phase due to new jars) but it's still the same great scent.

As I am recreating my candle line, I will leave you with a question. Our "Corner Pub" candle is one of my personal favorites. I am considering changing the name to something a little more fun. Do you think "Speakeasy" would be a better name? Let me know your thoughts! That's all I have today! Thank you for hanging in there with me. Don't forget to keep October 15th on your calendars for our relaunch day!

Get lit!


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