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Back From Vero Beach

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fantastic time in Vero Beach! There were a lot of firsts - our first show of that magnitude (180 vendors and 11 hour days), our first night show, our first music festival - and we learned so much over the course of the weekend.

We were surrounded by some fantastic vendors, many whom have been in business for decades, and vendors love sharing experiences and tips with each other. We were eager students, and came home filled with ideas.

We also had awesome customers. Thank you to everyone who stopped buy our booth for some conversation, and especially thanks to those who supported our business. We truly appreciate it.

A storm hit Sunday morning. Our tent held up great, and other than some minor misting inside, stayed quite dry. Others were not so lucky. As we walked around the grounds, we noticed several tents mangled from water weight. Others had major leaks inside. Some had to pack up and leave. I always feel sorry for vendors when something happens out of their control. Fees are high and losing that money hurts.

The bands all gave excellent performances. Our booth was close enough for a great stage view, and we loved how everyone was in the walkways dancing around to the music. It was impossible to not move - at least bopping heads or tapping of feet. I feel for the Sunday bands, as the storms kept a lot of people away, but they still gave it their all and rocked us all day long.

The food was to die for! A special shout out to 5 Piggies Bar-B-Que who also took the journey from Port Charlotte to Vero Beach. Delicious BBQ for sure!

The alcohol was flowing the entire time, and when there is heavy drinking, there are always some great stories to tell, especially by those of us who remained sober. (I won't, however, share these publicly!)

We closed up shop, loaded the Jeep, and made the three hour drive back home just in time for the last quarter of the Super Bowl. We did have to look up the halftime show online, and of course, the commercials, but Jay didn't complain even though I cancelled Sirius last week and he couldn't get the game on the radio for the ride home.

I'm at the Harbor Heights Outdoor Market every Tuesday, and Saturday the 19th of February I will be at the North Port Market. Check the front page of our website for the events we will be attending!

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