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8 Oz Candles are Finally Here!

Our new 8 oz jars are better than we could have hoped for! After rigorous testing, we are happy to announce the new line of candles is now available on our website. We kept your favorites like Basil, Sage and Mint, and Favorite Flannel. We renamed Sand & Sea to Beach Bungalow. And we have brought Corner Pub to a whole new level by adding a campfire smoky scent to the whisky and tobacco. We decided to rename this one "Speakeasy" because nothing this great can be legal!

Living this close to the gulf, it's almost obligatory to add a coastal line, and we did not disappoint. Whether you want tropical, citrus or salty, we've got you covered. Rum Harbor combines citrus and bay leaves to give that Tiki Bar feel. Coco-Cabana blends tropical fruits and fragrant florals to bring you to that beach resort you've been wanting to visit. And Tropical Paradise is exactly what the name suggests. Amber and citrus and flowers, oh my!

Rum Harbor 8 oz candle
A blend of citrus and bay leaves

We didn't forget about fall! (Hey, we did have a hoodie warning this morning!) We've added Fall Festival to the line. Freshly picked apples, fallen leaves, a hunt of pumpkin. This is a walk in the park on the perfect autumn day. Pamper yourself with Spa Day, a zesty sweet lemony delightful aroma. Red Currant and Kumquat is a unique and fantastic candle that is a favorite of my family for testers. (They'd prefer I just tested them all and didn't actually sell any!)

Come check out all of our new products online. Don't forget, we now offer a rewards program. Get a coin (worth $1) for every $15 spent! Those coins will add up quickly! I also have my very first craft show on Saturday! Anyone in the North Port area, come visit us as the "Taste of North Port" festival!

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